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Chertoff Continues to Issue Misleading Statements

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

The Department of Homeland Security is praising itself for ending a policy called “Catch and Release.” This new get-tough attitude comes as the White House tries to convince Congress to pass so-called comprehensive immigration reform.

Under the old rule, Border Patrol agents would simply release illegal alien border crossers who were from countries other than Mexico back on to U.S. streets.

Secretary Michael Chertoff now claims the federal government turned around the Catch and Release policy in less than a year. “I’m pleased to say not only did we meet that, but we exceeded that deadline. As of the last several weeks, we have essentially been at 100 percent catch and remove in our southern and northern border,” he boasted.

But ‘catch and remove’ only applies to those caught within 100 miles of the border who are not from Mexico! I’m one of those critics who say DHS is still a long way from solving the illegal immigration crisis.

As I said almost a year ago on the Lou Dobbs show, “You still have the whole country… We’re talking about 11 million illegal aliens, possibly 20 million, and maybe even by some measures 30 million.”

The Bush Administration continues to shamelessly promote progress when the reality is far different. Let’s hope the American people are not so easily fooled.