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Michael Cutler, former INS agent, New York


The Truth About Amnesty
Amnesty overlooks the alien's illegal entry and ongoing illegal presence and creates a new legal status that allows the recipient to live and work in the country.

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U.S. Senate

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007
This is the highly controversial 'compromise' immigration reform bill that failed in the Senate. It drew more criticism than support from all sides in the debate.

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The Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration
Reform Act of 2007

This is the "security-first" bill that was designed to draw more votes for comprehensive immigration reform. It failed a critical vote in the Senate.

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GAO Testimony

Prospects For Biometric US-VISIT Exit Capability Remain Unclear
DHS has invested about $1.3 billion over 4 years and delivered basically one-half of US-VISIT, meaning that biometrically enabled entry capabilities are operating at almost 300 air, sea, and land POEs, but comparable exit capabilities are not. Moreover, the prospects for this changing are essentially as uncertain today as they were 4 years ago.

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CBO Testimony

Budgetary Impact of Current and Proposed Border Security and Immigration Policies
CBO estimates that implementation of S.2611 would require $81 billion in additional appropriations over the 10-year period, resulting in $78 billion in added outlays. Economic growth would increase by only a small degree.

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The Threat Remains

Nothing much has changed since 9-11

Michael Cutler

July 18,2007 -- I just completed reading the non-classified National Intelligence Estimate that assesses how our "War on Terror" is going. This morning I noticed that the New York Times has published an analysis of that report. I am sometimes startled by pronouncements made by those who have been the architects of our nation's security.

The news article is brief but I thought it was worthwhile to highlight a couple of paragraphs to make my position as clear as I possibly can.

Our nation has suffered a number of terrorist attacks over the past couple of decades. While many of these attacks such as the shooting of several CIA employees in January, 1993 which left two employees dead and three wounded, the first attack on the World Trade Center complex on February 26, 1993 should have made it clear that our nation was directly in the cross hairs of terrorist organizations. It was also long known that terrorists engaged in significant fund raising activities in the United States to fund their atrocities around the world.

On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked. The gaping hole in the ground at what is now referred to as "Ground Zero" was hard to miss. The huge loss of life was also hard to ignore. Yet there are those such as President Bush and, as the article notes, a former advisor to President Clinton, Steve Simon who apparently held the belief that we would not have to confront these terrorists within our borders by attacking them overseas. He has suddenly awakened, it would seem and now says, "I guess we have to fight them over here even though we’re fighting them over there."

This sort of statement is stunning! What does this guy put in his coffee? On February 26, 1993 the World Trade Center complex was bombed. Six innocent people were killed and many hundreds were injured. Damage to that complex at that time was estimated at some one half billion dollars! Did he not think that we were back them fighting these pernicious bastards within our borders? Perhaps if he and his boss, President Clinton recognized the fact that a major attack had been carried out by aliens who gamed the immigration system to kill innocent people and nearly destroy the World Trade Center complex that the attacks of September 11, 2001 might have been averted. Consider that if one of the towers of the World Trade Center had been toppled the casualties would have been astronomical.

Yet even though aliens attacked our nation because they were able to gain entry into our country and then remain here by gaming the immigration bureaucracy, the Clinton Administration embarked on an insane program known as "Citizenship USA." Under the auspices of that ill-conceived program that was largely put under the control of then Vice President Al Gore under what was called the National Performance Review, the United States naturalized more than one million aliens and in the mad dash to crank out all of those new citizens, thousands of criminal aliens were naturalized. These criminals should not only have not been naturalized, they should have been deported. Now that is what I call an "Inconvenient Truth!"

Please do not take my word for this; check out the transcript of the House Immigration Subcommittee hearing on this fiasco which, ironically, was conducted almost one year to the day before the attacks of September 11, 2001.

None of the terrorists of the 9/11 attack naturalized under that program, but the issue is that the immigration system has been lacking integrity for decades. Criminals and terrorists have been able to get away with committing immigration benefit fraud to enter our country and to embed themselves in our country. Janice Kephart was a counsel to the 911 Commission and subsequently conducted a study for the Center for Immigration Studies on the relationship between immigration benefit fraud and terrorism. You can read her study at:

The President has often said of the "War on Terrorism" that we are fighting them (the terrorists) over there so that we will not have to fight them here. This is another one of those outrageous statements that boils my blood! The Patriot Act was passed to increase surveillance within our country. We are now required to arrive at airports at least 2 hour prior to departure time to undergo extreme scrutiny and are limited as to what we can bring into the cabin with us because of lessons learned by British nationals who were involved in terrorist plots. If the President truly believes that we are not fighting them over here, why are we doing all of these things?

We have read a number of newspaper accounts of terrorists who have been arrested within the United States as they plotted to carry out potentially deadly attacks on a large-scale basis.

If the goal is to keep terrorists out of the United States why are our borders wide open and why is the Visa Waiver Program still continuing with the President and luminaries such as Tom Ridge, the first Secretary of Homeland Security calling for an expansion of that extremely dangerous program?

The "War on Terror" is most certainly a multi-front war and we need to focus on those who seek to enter our country and those who are already here planning the next attack against our nation and our people. For far too long our nation's leaders, irrespective of political party have refused to see the obvious truth. Our nation cannot defend itself against terrorists and criminals if it lacks the will and resources to secure its borders and create an immigration system that possesses integrity. To continue along this path of denial only aids those who would destroy us.

When I was growing up in Brooklyn as a junior high school student, I had my share of school yard fist fights. My dad gave me some sage advice. He told me that I should never throw the first punch but make damn certain I threw the last punch. He also said that if anyone ever threw a punch at me, I should never walk past that guy with my hands in my pockets but that I should be prepared to defend myself. Our alleged leaders would be wise to follow my dads advice!

"We the People" forced members of the United States Senate to kill the dangerous immigration bill I have referred to as the Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act of 2007. "We the People" have been exerting our influence on the state and local level around the United States demanding that the state and local governments do what the federal government won't do, secure our communities against illegal aliens and among them criminals and terrorists. That is how democracy is supposed to work. We can make a major difference. Indeed, we must make a major difference given the lack of leadership and integrity being exhibited by all too many of the "Fools on the Hill."

Democracy is not a spectator sport!

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

Michael Cutler, a former Senior Investigator with INS in New York, has been an expert witness in more than a dozen Congressional hearings. He is a board member on the American Council for Immigration Reform (ANCIR), a Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies a(CIS), and an advisor to the 911 Families for a Secure America. Among his areas of concern is the nexus between immigration and national security.

Media queries for comments, articles and appearances can be addressed to Mr. Cutler at: mcutler@ancir.org.

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