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Michael Cutler, former INS agent, New York


The Truth About Amnesty
Amnesty overlooks the alien's illegal entry and ongoing illegal presence and creates a new legal status that allows the recipient to live and work in the country.

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U.S. Senate

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007
This is the highly controversial 'compromise' immigration reform bill that failed in the Senate. It drew more criticism than support from all sides in the debate.

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The Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration
Reform Act of 2007

This is the "security-first" bill that was designed to draw more votes for comprehensive immigration reform. It failed a critical vote in the Senate.

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GAO Testimony

Prospects For Biometric US-VISIT Exit Capability Remain Unclear
DHS has invested about $1.3 billion over 4 years and delivered basically one-half of US-VISIT, meaning that biometrically enabled entry capabilities are operating at almost 300 air, sea, and land POEs, but comparable exit capabilities are not. Moreover, the prospects for this changing are essentially as uncertain today as they were 4 years ago.

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CBO Testimony

Budgetary Impact of Current and Proposed Border Security and Immigration Policies
CBO estimates that implementation of S.2611 would require $81 billion in additional appropriations over the 10-year period, resulting in $78 billion in added outlays. Economic growth would increase by only a small degree.

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Work Americans Won't Do...

Burglarizing Homes on Long Island!

Michael Cutler

August 1, 2007 -- Apparently, a previously deported criminal alien from Colombia, Pablo Castro, has found a new sort of "work" for "day laborers." He hires them to assist him in burglarizing the homes of well to do residents of towns on Long Island and as far away as Georgia and Florida. When law enforcement authorities ultimately catch up with Mr. Castro, he will not only face criminal charges for his having, allegedly, been involved in the burglaries detailed in the news story below, he will also be facing prosecution for illegally re-entering the United States after deportation, a crime that caries a maximum penalty for criminal aliens who illegally return to the United States without permission, of up to 20 years of incarceration in a federal prison for that crime alone.

I heard about this article on the local CBS radio station in New York, Ex-Con Sought for L.I. Burglaries, as I was preparing to attend a news conference in Brewster, New York concerning the plans of the mayor of that town to cooperate with officials from the Guatemalan Consulate to issue identity documents to illegal aliens in Brewster that would enable them to open bank accounts and conduct "business as usual", notwithstanding the fact that they are illegally present in the United States and that their presence in our country represents a violation of law. I am, as you probably know, very concerned about any program that would provide official identity documents to aliens who are unable to verify their true identities. This, in my judgement, represents a grave national security risk for our nation. That is why I have supported the Real ID Act and a significant reason I referred to the Senate Immigration bill as the "Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act of 2007."

The thing that all of us, including of course our politicians, must understand is that it is absolutely essential for all levels of government to be on the same page where the issue of border security and immigration are concerned. The United States possesses some 100,000 miles of border if you include the costal regions of the United States. Additionally their are many international airports in the United States that should be thought of as being part of our borders inasmuch as these airports provide aliens and goods access to the United States.

There is absolutely no way that our nation could possibly secure all of the border around the United States and deal with the fact that some 40% of the illegal aliens in the United States are believed to enter our country through ports of entry including our many international airports. This is why I stress the fact that immigration must be thought of as a system. It has been said that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Where immigration is concerned, there are weak links and virtually nonexistent links. When communities create "sanctuaries" for illegal aliens, they provide incentives for aliens to enter our nation in violation of law. The most intelligent strategy to gain control over our borders is to remove the incentives that draw the great majority of illegal aliens across our nation's borders in violation of law.

When people hire illegal aliens, they are providing incentives for more illegal aliens to enter the United States. In effect, this increases the size of the haystack in which the deadly needles hide. I am referring to criminal aliens and terrorists. Additionally, there is no way that you can simply look at someone and know his intentions. It is, as any homeowner will tell you, a daunting challenge to find honest workers in the construction and home repair trades. That is why it is a great idea to make it a practice to only hire contractors who are licensed. When home owners hire illegal aliens they may be getting into more trouble than they could imagine!

It is in no one's best interests to hire illegal aliens and, often we find out all too late that in the end, hiring illegal aliens is a really bad business practice that causes us to incur more expenses than could have been initially imagined! This is yet another example that illustrates that illegal immigration is anything but a "victimless crime" as the victims of these burglaries can attest. It is also not a victimless crime when illegal aliens take the jobs Americans had been doing but have now been driven out of their trades by aliens who will work for far lower wages under often illegal conditions. The labor movement fought long and hard to provide workers with the 40 hour work week and safe working conditions we now take for granted. There are many other benefits that have been provided to America's working men and women that are now being rolled back by unscrupulous employers who hire illegal aliens to cut their expenses and maximize their profits while the quality of the work done is offer substandard and the "American Dream" becomes ever more elusive for ever more citizens and resident aliens.

Finally, it is worth considering that last year an estimated 45 billion dollars was wired from the United States to Latin America and the Caribbean, mostly by illegal aliens. This is money that was lost to our nation's economy and only represents a portion of the total amount of money that is exported from the United States. This money was sent via remittances which are recorded. I have been told by some of my former colleagues who have done currency investigations that it is probable that more money is smuggled "under the radar" out of the United States then is moved legally via remittances. That sucking sound you hear is our money leaving our economy.

America is bleeding green and red. The green, of course, is the money and the red is the blood of the victims of crimes committed by an ever increasing population of criminal aliens including violent gang members. It has been estimated that more than 25% of the inmate population in the jails around the United States are illegal aliens. If you presume that there are 20 million illegal aliens in the United States and that they account for 25% of the crimes in our country, then it can be stated that illegal aliens are about 3 times as likely to commit a felony than are United States citizens or resident aliens! Peter Gadiel, the founder of 911 Families for a Secure America, an organization that I advise on a volunteer basis, cynically refers to these sorts of statistics as the "Cost of doing business" according to those businesses and politicians whose greed and perceived best interests cause them to advocate for open borders. I understand his anger. His son was one of the 3,000 murder victims who fell victim to the terrorists on September 11, 2001.

We the People have the right to expect that our government will make decisions that are in our best interests. When politicians fail to honor this basic concept it is time for them to be sent packing so that they can check out the labor market first hand; for themselves!

We the People can and must make those who purportedly represent us, do just that- REPRESENT US!

Democracy is not a spectator sport!

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

Michael Cutler, a former Senior Investigator with INS in New York, has been an expert witness in more than a dozen Congressional hearings. He is a board member on the American Council for Immigration Reform (ANCIR), a Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies a(CIS), and an advisor to the 911 Families for a Secure America. Among his areas of concern is the nexus between immigration and national security.

Media queries for comments, articles and appearances can be addressed to Mr. Cutler at: mcutler@ancir.org.

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