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Michael Cutler, former INS agent, New York


The Truth About Amnesty
Amnesty overlooks the alien's illegal entry and ongoing illegal presence and creates a new legal status that allows the recipient to live and work in the country.

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U.S. Senate

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007
This is the highly controversial 'compromise' immigration reform bill that failed in the Senate. It drew more criticism than support from all sides in the debate.

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The Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration
Reform Act of 2007

This is the "security-first" bill that was designed to draw more votes for comprehensive immigration reform. It failed a critical vote in the Senate.

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GAO Testimony

Prospects For Biometric US-VISIT Exit Capability Remain Unclear
DHS has invested about $1.3 billion over 4 years and delivered basically one-half of US-VISIT, meaning that biometrically enabled entry capabilities are operating at almost 300 air, sea, and land POEs, but comparable exit capabilities are not. Moreover, the prospects for this changing are essentially as uncertain today as they were 4 years ago.

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CBO Testimony

Budgetary Impact of Current and Proposed Border Security and Immigration Policies
CBO estimates that implementation of S.2611 would require $81 billion in additional appropriations over the 10-year period, resulting in $78 billion in added outlays. Economic growth would increase by only a small degree.

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The Nexus Between Narcotics Trafficking and Terrorism

Criminal Aliens and Drugs Continue to Endanger American Citizens

Michael Cutler

August 14, 2007 -- A news article appears in today's edition of The Washington Times, Drug cartel-terrorist ties known in 2001. It is written by Sara A. Carter, a reporter who was the recipient of the "Eugene Katz Award for Journalism", awarded to her last year by the Center for Immigration Studies. She recently joined the Washington Times and the article I have decided to discuss concerns the nexus between narcotics trafficking and terrorism. It also raises the disturbing issue that terrorists are believed to be working in conjunction with drug traffickers and assuming Hispanic identities. This article cites an article she wrote last week about a DEA report on this issue, Terrorists teaming with drug cartels.

Before I continue with my commentary about Sara's excellent article, I want to provide you with a photograph that shows the upper floors of the World Trade Center on that bright, sunny morning of September 11, 2001 nearly six years ago.

World Trade Center on 9/11

The photo is of dead people. They were not yet dead when the photograph was taken but their demise was only minutes away. An hour or two before that photo was taken, each and every one of those people were commuting to their jobs on what they thought would just be another day in their lives. As they entered those iconic towers on that ordinary morning, none of them had any idea that this would be the last time that they would walk into those buildings and take the shiny elevators to their offices at the upper floors of the World Trade Center. They had no idea that within minutes of their arrival that the windows that offered them unparalleled views of the City of New York would be shattered and they would be hanging out of those windows gasping for air, contemplating their deaths.

They were not test pilots or astronauts who went to work with the sense that their jobs could cause their deaths. They were not soldiers, law enforcement officers or firefighters who accept the fact that their jobs can kill them. These people had relatively pedestrian jobs and were simply going about their lives on a sunny, late summer day in New York City when they found themselves in the cross-hairs of a band of the most incredibly vicious and hate-filled terrorists. These people were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and not only died, but had ample time to contemplate the impossibility of their predicament. Many decided to jump to their deaths rather then burn alive or be suffocated. No matter how their individual deaths ultimately played out, they each died. Period. Their families would never see them again. Their neighbors would never get to chat with them again. All of the people who considered these people a part of their lives would find their lives diminished by the loss of these innocent victims of the rage of the terrorists who worship death rather than life.

A number of years ago, I attended a memorial service for the Holocaust at Temple Emanuel in New York City. I had been provided with tickets for that memorial service by my former in-laws. They wanted me to take my son, their grandson to that service so that he would better understand how blind hatred can cause unspeakable evil. They had survived the Holocaust. I said that they were my former in-laws because their daughter and my first wife, died years earlier of breast cancer. The death of a loved one is not the flu but rather an amputation. The fact is that every day people die of illness, they die because of accidents and fires. Life is not a safe proposition. As someone once said, "No one gets out of this life alive!" But on that day in September 2001 Three thousand innocent people were slaughtered in the most horrific mass murder ever carried out in the United States.

As I sat at the memorial service one of the speakers was Alan Dershowitz, an extremely articulate attorney. I don't always agree with him (or with anyone else for that matter, on every issue), but the words that he spoke that day truly resonated! He said that when there is a mass murder and thousands or even millions of human beings are slaughtered, it is important to not focus on the overall number because it becomes meaningless. He said that it was more effective to look at each and every victim of a mass murder be it the Holocaust or any other mass murder, such as the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as a discrete and separate murder. He suggested that no matter how high the body count, we should multiply that number of victims by the number "1" and remember that each murder is to be considered as a discrete crime with all of the impact that a murder has within the family and community of each and every victim.

I felt compelled to make this point because I am so angry and frustrated by the nonsense being spewed by all too many of our nation's alleged leaders nearly 6 years after 9/11 and the most basic issues are still not being addressed.

I hope that my "side trip" of remembrance will help you understand why I am in a state of rage over our politicians on all levels who refuse to understand that when individuals enter our country in violation of law they are committing a crime. Period. I am not impressed by the claims that illegal aliens are simply seeking employment in the United States. It would be far better for them and for us if they demanded that the governments of the countries from which they came did a better job of providing opportunities for their own citizens in their own countries.

As you read the article below I want you to consider what is being stated. We are being told that our government officials were warned that terrorists were forming an unholy alliance with narcotics traffickers to gain entrance into the United States and to also raise money by selling narcotics in our country. In order for any plan to be carried out, whether by an individual or a corporation or a criminal or terrorist organization, one of the first requirements is that money be secured to breathe life into the plan. A plan without money will go nowhere. Our government has an organization called the Small Business Administration that provides loans for upstart companies.

Corporations often issue stocks and bonds in order to raise funds when they want to expand their operation. Criminal and terrorist organizations generally commit crimes to fund their objectives. Rachel Ehrenfeld authored a book a number of years ago entitled, "Funding Evil" where she explained how this process works. To make this as simple as possible, terrorist organization often use the sale of heroin and other drugs as a funding mechanism. They also commit other crimes such as arson, mail fraud and identity theft. No matter the crime, the crimes create immediate victims and the proceeds ultimately create additional victims when an attack is carried out.

Meanwhile, in the name of "Free Trade" our border have been left open to the smugglers who bring illegal aliens, criminals, terrorists and drugs into our country. This is the impact of the failure of leadership by those in whom We the People vested the authorities that these politicians wield.with scant regard to the wishes and needs of those they purport to represent. Illegal immigration is most certainly not a victimless crime!

I can tell you that in my 30 years of experience as a special agent of the former INS that when you are sitting across the table from someone you arrested who has no identity documents that you cannot tell the true identity of that person. You cannot determine their nationality either. If you encounter someone with a dark complexion who speaks fluent Spanish, is he a citizen of Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia or, perhaps, Iran or Saudi Arabia and has simply spent enough time in Latin America to become fluent in the Spanish language? If this is not disturbing enough, I also want you to know that since the creation of DHS an agency I have come to refer to as the Department of Homeland Surrender, special agents of ICE do not receive any foreign language training including Spanish language training which had been an absolute requirement of the former INS. How in blazes can you investigate people you are unable to communicate with?

Our nation has been waging a so-called War on Drugs for several decades yet drugs are still readily available on street corners throughout the United States. Meanwhile many local, state and federal law enforcement officers have been badly wounded or killed conducting narcotics investigations while tons of those poisonous drugs poor across our nation's borders each and every day.

With all of this for a backdrop, President Bush will be meeting with his counterparts from Mexico and Canada in about two weeks to continue with his plans to ram the SPP down our throats. The SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) will hammer our nation's security but their will be prosperity, for the extremely wealthy at the very top of the food chain. Everyone else will pay the price for their prosperity. Our nation is bleeding green and red! Billions of dollars are being sent out of the United States by illegal aliens working in our country and taking the jobs Americans can't afford to do for the wages they would be forced to accept by unscrupulous employers while other jobs are simply sent overseas. Additionally, the increasing use of temporary workers under the auspices of the HI(B) visa program is displacing so-called high tech American workers.

Meanwhile the influx of criminal aliens and drugs are endangering the lives of our citizens. Ultimately, the open borders may well facilitate the next terrorist attack against our nation and our citizens. If there is another attack how will the politicians explain their failures to secure our borders and create an immigration system that does not aid the terrorists in entering the United States and embedding themselves in communities around our country? The answer is that they will not be able to explain their failures.

When a doctor screws up he can be sued and/or lose his license to practice medicine. Virtually every professional is made accountable in this sort of manner. It is time that We the People similarly held politicians accountable.

We the People need to be involved with the legislative process and need to have our voices heard throughout the political system.

Democracy is not a spectator sport!

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

Michael Cutler, a former Senior Investigator with INS in New York, has been an expert witness in more than a dozen Congressional hearings. He is a board member on the American Council for Immigration Reform (ANCIR), a Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies a(CIS), and an advisor to the 911 Families for a Secure America. Among his areas of concern is the nexus between immigration and national security.

Media queries for comments, articles and appearances can be addressed to Mr. Cutler at: mcutler@ancir.org.

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